Luzviminda is an archive of Philippine photography under development at Pioneer Studios.


We are particularly interested in the following:


-Photographs that correspond to important moments in Philippine history.


-Photographs to represent the history of Philippine photography.


-Unique personal photo-based works.


-Photographs of the world at large by Filipino photo practitioners should this be an important part of his/her body of work.


The archive is not exclusively for professional photographers- we will consider works from all types of photo practitioners.


Although Luzviminda will not have a dedicated gallery space, this won’t mean it will not have physical exhibitions. In fact, we are hoping to create touring exhibitions in public and private venues to reach the widest possible audience. The exhibitions and news sections in the website will feature and serve as the archive of its activities.

Part of our commitment to making photography more accessible to the public will also involve developing a print market for Philippine photography.


We now have a SHOP in this website where we will be presenting curated selections of collectible prints, postcards, posters and books on a regular basis.


Proceeds from the sales won’t only go towards helping the archive continue its work but create a much needed income stream especially for the photo practitioners of the 70’s and 80’s who are now of retirement age.


We are also hoping this archive will one-day serve as a blueprint for a book on Philippine photography to benefit the next generation of Filipino photo practitioners.


Lastly, an open call for technical assistance:


Luzviminda is primarily a digital photo archive. We are taking great pains to digitize analog film archives but we would also like to preserve these irreplaceable originals. We are not experts in photographic conservation and there are currently no experts in the Philippines. Any help would be greatly appreciated.