Why do you use the term photo practitioner?


We use photo practitioner as a general term to signify a person who practices photography because we do not want to limit the archive to only professional photographers.


What type of photography do you represent?


-Photographs that correspond to important moments in Philippine history


-Photographs to represent the history of Philippine photography


-Unique personal photo-based works


-Photographs of the world at large by Filipino photo practitioners should this be an important part of his/her body of work.


How is Luzviminda connected to Pioneer Studios?


Luzviminda is a project of Pioneer Studios. It was conceived to promote Philippine culture through photographic images and to develop a print market for Philippine photography.


Do you sell prints?


Luzviminda (www.luzviminda.ph) is primarily an archive of Philippine photography but we now have a SHOP in the website where we will be presenting curated selections of collectible prints, postcards, posters and books on a regular basis.


What printing process do you use?


At Pioneer Studios, we print with a 44” inch 12-ink HP DesignJet Z3200 Photo Printer. However, should a photo practitioner be more comfortable working with another printer or another printing process we are also open to that as long as our print standards are met.


What type of paper do you print on?


We print on the following Hahnemühle Digital Fine Art papers:


Photo Rag 308 gsm


Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm


Fine Art Pearl 285 gsm


Photo Rag Pearl 320 gsm


Photo Rag Baryta 325 gsm

What is your stand on limited edition prints?


Except for handcrafted prints- such as darkroom prints or photographic works that have additional human intervention we do not encourage limited edition prints…


Why don’t you offer a certificate of authenticity with the print?


When you buy a print we provide the photo practitioner’s profile, complete caption information attached to the back of the frame plus the invoice and official receipt. If you keep these documents properly- we believe you don’t really need to have a certificate of authenticity.


What type of payment do you accept?


We accept cash, checks, all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.


Do you ship outside of the Philippines?


Shipping outside of the Philippines has its challenges but we are confident enough to do this as long as the buyer is agreeable to pay extra for shipping costs.


How do I care for my print?


We will give each buyer care instructions for their prints.


Do you frame?


Yes, we can do simple framing in-house. For more custom requirements, we have a list of recommended framers.


What is your return policy?


We stand behind our product 100%. If you have any concerns please give us a call at (632) 632 7683 or email us at info@luzviminda.ph


Can I share images from this website in social media?


We understand the power of social media but for this website we chose to disable the right click capabilities to prevent image theft. We will be posting in social media information and other images for sharing.


I bought a print from you–can I reproduce it for personal use?


The creator holds the copyright of the work, including all rights of reproduction in any form. Owning a print does not entitle you to reproduce it.

Do you license images for commercial purposes?


If you are interested to license an image for commercial purposes we can connect you to the copyright owner.


Do you have a physical gallery?


We chose not to have a dedicated physical gallery- instead we plan to travel the photographs to alternative venues- public and private- so the photographs may be seen and experienced by a wide cross-section of society.


I am a photo practitioner. How can I join Luzviminda?


We schedule portfolio reviews on the first Saturday of each month. Please email us at info@luzviminda.ph to set an appointment.